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Complete Foreign & Domestic Auto and Truck Repairs. Sports & Classic Car Storage, Sales & Consignment

Domestic and foreign car owners trust Route 63 Automotive for repair service and pre-owned car sales because, as an independent shop, we are responsible directly to our customers.

Reliable, comprehensive service for your vehicle

Reliable, comprehensive service for your vehicle

At Route 63 Automotive, you are as unique and exceptional as your vehicle.  Trust us to provide you with knowledge and skills to diagnose and resolve problems… better, yet, skillfully evaluate your automobile through regular maintenance to avoid trouble.


Route 63 Automotive can perform all factory maintenance procedures recommended by the manufacturer with the addition of individualized attention and an aptitude born of a genuine passion for motor vehicles.  Whether you call it Schedule A, B, and Major or 100,000 Mile Service, you can trust us to bring your vehicle’s performance up to the high standards set by its designers and engineers.


In repair, diagnosing the problem accurately is just the first step to satisfying our customers; our goal is to present you a low repair bill for high quality work.  You can trust Route 63 Automotive to provide the best parts and skilled installation to get the job done right.  We are defined by years of experience, a passion for automobiles, and a very real desire to bring a vehicle to its optimal running condition.  Rest assured you will understand the nature of the problem and your options.  

Route 63 Automotive offers:

  • Factory trained technicians
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment
  • Over 70 years combined experience
  • Clear explanations of all proposed work and accurate estimates

Tire Services

Vehicle Inspection

Used Car Check

There is no frustration factor at Route 63 Automotive. They fix the problem and it is done right the first time. I wish every business provided that level of satisfaction.
— P. Jones, customer

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