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Complete Foreign & Domestic Auto and Truck Repairs. Sports & Classic Car Storage, Sales & Consignment

Domestic and foreign car owners trust Route 63 Automotive for repair service and pre-owned car sales because, as an independent shop, we are responsible directly to our customers.

They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s part of why I opened Route 63 Automotive. The other part is to serve people who care about their cars and give them a reliable partner in car care.
— Joe Riolo

Joe Riolo at the track

Joe Riolo at the track

Joe Riolo has won some of the top amateur races in America and brings that passion for a fine tuned machine running at its best to his business.

Whether the car on the lift is a luxury model from Germany or the family mini-van, owners can rely on Route 63 Automotive for the best in parts and labor… and personalized attention.

Joe’s personal work ethic led him to found Route 63 Automotive on a theme of accountability.  His goal is to create long-term, trusting relationships with customers.

Everyone at Route 63 Automotive is happy to show customers why we are the right choice when your vehicle needs maintenance, repair, or replacement.

I drive a dependable, yet 6 year old car. I am grateful to have Joe as my mechanic to maintain it, keeping it dependable! I am the only adult in the home, transport three children to and fro, plus use the car for work. Dependable is key. Joe has been super responsive, accessible, reliable and a huge help in times of need.
— Sara G., customer

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