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Check Out Our New Showroom!

Our new facilities in Watertown are a clean, secure space for some pretty impressive automobiles.  Whether you're looking to buy, store, or just enjoy some eye candy, don't hesitate to visit at 1029 Main Street, Watertown CT.

Finding the right car is important to everyone, from the entry level collector to the serious investor. We provide invaluable experience and insight into the world of vintage automobiles. See something you like? Talk to us. Know what you want but don’t see it? Again, talk to us. You’ll be happy you did.
— Joe Riolo

1950 Chevy Sedan Delivery Street Rod

Are you ready for more than 350 hp?  Right now, this 1950 Chevy Sedan Delivery Street Rod is available on consignment.  Professionally restored by VInce's Street Rod in Vermont, with paint and body work done just down the street by our neighbors Alplex Automotive in Watertown, this car is powered by a Chevy ZZ4 350 with street and performance fuel injection.

Some of the details: 4-wheel disc brakes, all Camaro components, new A/C, digital dash, tilt wheel, custom steering wheel, 3-speed automatic w/OD, NOS front bumper assembly, 2" dual exhaust, and a complete custom interior.  Call us at 203-217-0181 for details or email RTE63AUTO@GMAIL.COM.


1964 Corvair Monza Spyder

Chevrolet manufactured the Corvair from 1960 to 1969, the only mass-produced passenger vehicle of American design to use a rear-mounted, air cooled engine.  The next owner of this two-door 1964 Corvair Monza Spyder will own a piece of history that is so much more than a review by Ralph Nader, who claimed the vehicle Unsafe At Any Speed or the subsequent NHTSA review, "the handling and stability performance of the 1960–63 Corvair does not result in an abnormal potential for loss of control or rollover, and it is at least as good as the performance of some contemporary vehicles both foreign and domestic."  In fact, Connecticut's own John Fitch was particularly interested in the car's handling on the track.

You can take this consignment for test drive and decide to own a great entry level collector car for $8,995.  Enjoy her on the track to see how the 110 HP engine pushes this beauty around the curves or just educate your friends at shows.  Call us at 203-217-0181 for details or email RTE63AUTO@GMAIL.COM.

1966 Mustang

Admit it.  When you saw this car, your mind raced with images of rebellious teens in an era that was as classic as the lines on this body.  The Ford 289 four barrel engine has more than a little pep and the dual exhaust must be heard to be appreciated.  You can be behind the wheel of this four speed head-turner this summer for only $16,000.  Call us at 203-217-0181 for details or email RTE63AUTO@GMAIL.COM.

1986 IROC Camaro

This 1986 IROC Camaro is all about the TransAm Road Racing series.  Jerry Miller was behind the wheel as this car ran the entire 1986 TransAm series and a recent restoration has revived the Armour Foods livery that graced her body that year.  Her intact SCCA and VARA documentation, including log books, is an exciting and fascinating testament to her racing history.  

With the first Dillon chassis built for road racing, 23 degree NASCAR 358 cubic inch producing 685 hp, west coast Comptech built engine, and clutchless super T 10 transmission, this vehicle is ready to race again.  The spares package includes aluminum and steel wheel sets, body panels, brakes, chassis, and motor components.  Valued at $70,000 to $85,000, this piece of racing history can be yours for $55,000.  

Stop by our showroom to check out the beauty that raced against Paul Newman, Wally Dallenbach Jr., Dorsey Schrader, and Elliott Forbes-Robinson.  Call us at 203-217-0181 for details or email RTE63AUTO@GMAIL.COM.

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